Monday, May 18, 2015

The Dementia Chronicles: Cousins

Yes, I know, I've switched blogs and have moved it here.

I also know it has been forever since I've updated.

So where are we in the process?  Mom is still living alone, which has provided a few scares.  Like the call I received from the pharmacy because Mom had made it all the way out there with her pill sorter, confused, lost, unsure of how to get home wanting to know who filled up her pills (me).  She had gone crazy with her pills and was taking more than one day's slot per day.  So she emptied it rapidly.  We got her home (thanks to someone at Kwik Shop in Eudora.  I don't know who you are but you are a Saint).  I wound up taking her pill organizer away from her and leave 1 week of her dementia med each week.  Plus her vitamin bottles.

Then there was the morning when she started babbling about no coffee.  I called her neighbor and had him check. Somehow the basket for her coffee maker had gotten misplaced/thrown out.  Oddly Mom had stuffed an old coffee maker in a cabinet (I knew it was there are left it - good thing too).  Neighbor set it up and she's been fine with coffee since.

I've also nagged the facility I want to put her in.  This facilitated a visit last week to her doctor for a physical and papers to be filled out.  I dropped those off the same day on my way home.  And today I send a gentle reminder to Mr. Admissions Dude.  One thing I've learned from my career is how to 'nag' people to get what I want/need.  And I'm not afraid to use it.

Saturday my cousins Jill and Suzy came up and visited Mom.  They brought lunch and we had a good visit.  To other family members, sorry but I am a wee bit frazzled and also don't want to overwhelm Mom with too many people at once.  If you want to visit, let me know so we can coordinate.

Last Friday (my mind is sometimes a dangerous place) was the 6th anniversary of my StepFather's death.  My plan is to take Mom to the cemetery this weekend (weather dependent).  I'll be honest, I haven't been there since the funeral.  But I'll buy some cheap silk flowers this week to take with me so we can decorate the grave.

I'm looking forward to the long weekend, as I find myself doing lately.  That extra day off means the world to me right now.  I'm also taking Friday off because I have some car maintenance to do, which also feels a bit luxurious..

I did have some fun recently.  Last week of April, a coworker friend and I trekked from CoMo to KC to see the acapella group Home Free.  Great show!  And I took a personal day after that too.  Happily I have more vacation days this year since I celebrated my 5-year anniversary here (at current employer and in CoMo)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Reading - quantity vs qualiy

So in 2014 Goodreads had his little gizmo on it asking you to set a reading goal for the year.  I chose 52.  A book a year.  And I accomplished it.  But now that I have I am asking myself how I got there.

The answer is, after some pondering, a mix of audio books that I listen to in the car and he usual reading (mostly on kindle).  Now I'll admit that in 2014 due to 'life events' related to my mother, dementia and my living 2.5 hours from her that my audio book reading time increased substantially this year.  Five hours every weekend will do that.

However, my regular reading this year seemed to be boosted by a lot of YA reading.  Now there is nothing wrong with that.  I found myself caught into series such as Divergent (and in prior years The Hunger Games) this year.  I am often drawn as a writer to YA fiction in part because I can study it.  Good YA fiction is written so tightly that you can't hide drek.

I did notice that at times I was putting off reading larger tomes that interest me.  Things such as whatever is next in the Game of Thrones series (I have to remind myself where I left off by the way).  Or, Stephen Kings 1963.

So as I look toward a reading list for 2015 I am setting the numeric goal lower.  In fact, I'm not setting a numeric goal.  I am reading what interests me.  And if that is a massive novel that takes weeks to read - so be i.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Demenita Chronicles: The Jerk

Another entry from my documentation of my mother's dementia.

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Dementia Chronicles

This is a series of posts I have made over at livejournal documenting my recent adventures with my mother's dementia.

Going forward I will either cross post here or provide a link there.