Tales of the Unemployed #2

Took the car in for service, noticed yesterday that the heat gauge was a far to the right (meaning overheated - only it didn't act like it and no service engine light, no check oil light, no check radiator/coolant light).  And it freaked me out - cuz hey this is me we're talking about and well everything freaks me out - it's where I go.  I'm working on it but I am a born worry wort.  Turns out to just be a sensor.  Of course sensor is going to cost over $300 to replace because naturally they can't just replace the sensor they have to replace other stuff with it.  I opted to go with a bad sensor for now.  State of mind, much calmer.  Praise God it was only a sensor and not something crucial and expensive.  I've sworn for a couple of years now that God is the one keeping that car going - still do.

Nice week weather wise so far.  Blue sky.  sunshine.  After weeks of mostly grey stuff it's a welcome sight.  And praise God that I get to enjoy it instead of being trapped in an office.  Forecast for tomorrow - 76 degrees!  In NOVEMBER!  Of course that reminds me that circa 1976 when I was in the 6th grade when the weather was like that I got stung by something.  Bee?  Wasp?  Probably a wasp - it had crawled inside my short shirt sleeve, I shifted my arm walking from one class to another (yes outside) and it stung me.  Bit of an allergic reaction - big ole swollen red/pink spot under my right arm. 

Called the outplacement folks again this morning.  Got voice mail, left a message. 

Recruiter called me yesterday from elsewhere about a senior cost accoutant in New York - hour and a half outside of Erie, 2 hours from Buffalo.  My resume is on the way there - yay!    I keep applying to things online from other states.  One company asked me for a word document version of my resume because their online application process garbled the stuff on my resume (note to companies - online copy/paste functions for resumes seriously bite - if ya'll would all put an upload function on those I'd be a much happier camper and not have to send these things again).  I'm going to consider the fact that they actually asked for a copy of my resume means maybe, possbily they're interested.  Position is in Alabama and I realized later yesterday afternoon that I know the company name from my previous position and that they deal in/make forklifts (and I did some lease accounting). 

I'm getting much more comfortable selling myself in interviews based on my babbling on and on in an interview with a local recruiter yesterday.  Good sign.  On my way home I asked God who in the world that person was (not the person who interviewed me but the person who babbled on about herself and how awesome she is).  At some point along the way have I turned into a more outgoing person?  And can I credit my work in children's ministry over the last 5 years for bringing me out of my shell? 

Need to get back to working in the spare bedroom.  Mostly sorting and stuff.  How did I let it get this bad?  Bad me bad me.

Beth Moore Esther study tonight.  Next to the last meeting.  Wow that went fast.  Great study.  I learned a lot.  So much in the book of Esther and she does a wonderful job of bringing it out and showing it to you.  I'm always a bit lost when these studies end. 

I meant to take my severance package paperwork with me to Lawrence this morning so I could stop by my bank to have my signature notorized so I could send it back.  Forgot it.  I hate that.  I told myself last night that I needed to put it in my back so I wouldn't forget.  Did I?  No.  I know when I tell myself to do these things or I'll forget that I'm going to forget.  Really I know better.  Oh well, onto the todo list for tomorrow (or when my mother finally gets the call that her car is ready and I take her in to pick it up). 


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